It’s no surprise that the electronics industry is booming in Brazil. S?o Paulo alone is one of the most populated, industrialized cities in the world. With this explosive economic and electronics growth comes the need for sophisticated product recycling and remarketing.

To meet this demand, Belmont Trading Company started operations in S?o Paulo in 2005 as Belmont Trading Comercial Exportadora, Ltda., a wholly owned subsidiary. The next year, Belmont expanded by opening a facility in Manaus, home to several mobile-phone manufacturers as well as the famous Free Economic Zone, a 10,000-square-kilometer region with special tax incentives to encourage trade.

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Our core services include:

  • Product teardown and preparation for export to the Belmont facility in?Guadalajara, Mexico and Chicago, USA for further processing
  • Pre-destruction activities before transportation
  • Trade-in program management
  • Excess, obsolete, and surplus material management
  • Detailed settlement reports fulfilling all legal requirements
  • Certificates of destruction


Belmont facilities in Brazil are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO:14001:2015 certified.


Belmont Trading Comercial Exportadora, Ltda.
Office:?+55 19 3213-1638